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What do you think of white people from Anonymous




A program that will not debug itself. 

that’s a bit of a generalization. anglo-germanic people have been the central white oppressors throughout history. you can look at places like ireland and see that they never took part in institutionalized oppression outside of isolated individuals. as a matter of fact, many irish were enslaved.
lastly, many african and asian nations have a long running history of human trafficking and institutionalized racism. look at places like zimbabwe or india or somalia or bangladesh. do they also refuse to debug themselves?

gotta stay hip and cool in your cultural studies class though, i guess.

Error _1: Anonymous specifically inquired about white people. 

Error _2: Who is teaching your cultural studies class? From what books do you learn from? Who are the authors? I can assure you that it is highly probable that the information given is from a one-sided perspective.

Error_3: Please view map of European Expansion 


Error_4: Think about how over the years european expansion has affected places such as Zimbabwe or India.  Many countries still suffer from the effects of colonization. 

Error_5: Regardless of a tumulus past, the Irish people are still in fact european and benefit from white privilege. Were the Irish people fighting alongside civil rights leaders for basic human rights? Please inform me, if Irish people have to take safety precautions to walk outside at night because of their “ethnicity”. 

Error_6: “that’s a bit of a generalization. anglo-germanic people have been the central white oppressors throughout history” This is equal to the statement, “not all white people”. Once again, shifting the subject to one selves at the expense of your own comfort and simultaneously pointing fingers at other peoples who have at one point in time been victims of European colonization.